About Fathers

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The first familiar face my son saw was his father's. The first familiar voice he heard was his father's. The first smile he saw, the first warmth his body experienced came from his father's body. I'm totally okay with that. What a great way to get started in life. To see, hear and feel your greatest example of manhood. Happy father's day to my husband Zeke!
Fatherhood is alive and well. Most of the time we hear only bad stories but there are many great stories out there that need to be celebrated. 
I've read all kinds of blog posts about Fathers this past year. From the super hurt blogger who still bleeds in her blogging because of something her father did to the sarcastic stay-at-home dad who talks about his role as a father no longer needed in today's society. I wanted to write something that gave us all hope about the role of fathers in our lives when I ran into this awesome new documentary called The Evolution of Dad. These are the first 4 minutes of the documentary. I appreciate the filmmakers for celebrating Fatherhood and sharing with us. I wish all Father's out there a happy day. Father's day in Brasil is not until August but I want to thank God for the awesome father I have. Thanks for believing in me and pushing me to be and be a great person. 

Evolution of Dad - Introduction from Evolution of Dad on Vimeo.
Rebekah Williams said...

Hooray for dads! I am so thankful for my own, and for my hubby for my kiddos.

Thanks for blogging about dads. So few bloggers even mentioned Fathers Day this year. Did you notice?

Cintia Listenbee said...

Yes, now that you mentioned I did notice people aren't as excited about Father's Day. Too bad. I appreciate fathers and think they are essential. Thanks for the sweet comment!