Book Giveaway and family update

Monday, June 21, 2010

I have a Book Giveaway starting today! Go to the Giveaway page to enter and for more details. I'm giving away 3 weight loss books (US only). I'm always interested in improving my health and managing my weight. Reading different books have made more knowledgeable of the subject and at least has given me options as far as what works for me and what doesn't.
Talking about health, we took a nice little walk after our Father's Day dinner. We parked a little ways from our destination (the ice cream store) so we got some photos of the babies and I. 
At 34 weeks I'm looking more like 38 :) You can see how big my belly is in the bottom picture. I never ask how much I'm measuring when I go to the doctor but this week I will. Just curious. You can see we all were wearing our Brazilian colors to celebrate our victory in the last game of the world cup.

We took daddy out to eat for father's day. Most places in town were full (of course) so we went to our favorite Indian Restaurant. We had the best time as a family celebrating Zeke. He's a great father and as I mentioned before, LP loves spending time with him. He'd be on his hip the whole time if he could. It's a man thing. 
I owe you all another exciting pregnancy update, it's been a month since I haven't done one so as soon as we get more belly shots we'll fill you in. Have an awesome week!
Digital Mom said...

aww!! soo cute! love the pics!!! and sounds like Zeke had a great father's day.

and yes, a pregnancy update is needed - it will be over WAY too quickly here (for us readers at least!. Capture those memories before baby girl arrives!