Brasil! Brasil! Brasil!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We're really proud of our home country. In the first day of games, we had a great victory and a whole world cup season to go. I'm taught LP how to cheer for Brasil. He does it but of course he doesn't know what he's doing. During the next world cup he'll have it all down and will probably be playing soccer too. Right now the most fun is just throwing a ball around. I love my boy. 
It's been a while but I miss being in Brasil this time of year. When we're playing it feels like one of the most populated cities in the world becomes deserted. Everyone is watching the game. It's a like a holiday. When we score, there are fireworks and everyone SCREAMS! 
Watching our team play unites Brazilians all over the world. We're all one, no matter where we are and we are so proud of our pátria amada (beloved nation).
Believe it or not, even LB has a Brazilian soccer jersey (as well as a Flamengo one). I'll be sure to get photos of her and LP with their shirts :)
Just one more thing about our photo: LP is smiling big because his dad is taking the picture. Lately he has been a daddy's boy. My husband is thrilled and so am I. They have lots of fun together and I love seeing them do their men thing. 
Wendy said...

How exciting! Won't it be so much fun when you are sitting on the side lines and watching him play!!