36 Weeks in 30 Minutes

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Hair bows. Pink shoes. Black dolls. Cute outfits. This little girl is blessed already! I've been praying that the Lord will bless everyone who has given her the many clothes, shoes and accessories she currently has. In the past year the Lord told us He would provide everything for our children and He really has. I'm truly thankful and humbled to serve Him. The Bibles says 'I've never seen the righteous forsaken or his seed begging bread.' I believe it.
I never heard of the concept of 'nesting' til I came to the States. I choose to call it, 'Getting ready at the last minute' instead. I'm 36 weeks and my first born was born at 38. If my labor starts around the same time again, that means we have 2 solid weeks. I told my husband that after we are done with this latest project of mine we'll be good til birth day. I am reorganizing the children's clothes in their shared closed, switching toys for my son and getting out the fun baby stuff (slings, baby carriers, my beloved boppy pillow... etc).
Most home owners can agree that there's always some cleaning to do. It's true with us. I'm thinking about opening a business that helps expecting moms BEFORE the baby shows up. I have a lot of projects and little energy. I need a business to come in and get it all done for me: deep cleaning, groceries, babysitting while I get a mani & pedi... you name it. How about that for a much needed business out there? You're not really a doula, you're a do-alla :) Alright, we'll work on the name later. When most help comes in after the baby is born, it would be neat to come in before and tie the loose ends for mom. 
Week 35 of pregnancy might have been one of my worse weeks ever. I've told you that pregnancy is not a piece of cake although is a great blessing. It brings an awesome gift from God but some of us suffer sometimes. I am thankful that this week was also surrounded by hope and grace from the Lord. My husband has been encouraging. My son has been supportive - don't think that I don't ask God to help him rest for a certain amount of time so I can rest as well. The comments on the blog have been positive. That's not enough. I needed a touch from God, a word that would bring me hope, a glimpse on what He has stored for me. This is not about seeing that sweet face on birth day. God has a greater plan for me that goes beyond my present circumstances. Sure my kids are part of it but I was created for way more than motherhood. I'm his daughter and He has awesome plans and purpose for me. That was great to hear. I got a lot of encouragement from God and that made what could have been the worse week ever a week surrounded with hope. Thank you Jesus. 
I am thankful for my second pregnancy. LB (who has a great name now!) was sooo wanted! Goodness, it felt like I couldn't wait to carry her and nurture her. God made it all possible. I cried when we found out we were having a girl. I had dreamed of a girl and she is the reality! She's so loved but I always assure my children that God loves them so much more. 
I'm eager to see her face. The Bible tells us not to be anxious about anything so I wait expectantly in the Lord to hold her, feed her, love her and teach my son about sharing and whatever else he's supposed to learn about having a sibling. Please keep praying for me during these last weeks. 
I will let you know when birth day is as well as the basics and I plan on having a little break from the blog but several friends agreed to do guest posts, so come back and check them out! Have an awesome week, full of hope in a God who has you in His heart and mind with more blessings than you can contain to give you.
P.S.: I named it 36 Weeks in 30 Minutes cause that's the time I gave myself to write :)