Discipling My Children - Lord Give Me Strength

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

by guest blogger Molly Thornberg

Pre-kids I had a MAJOR beef with those little kids that cut you off when you are walking in a store. WHAT KIND OF PARENTS do they have that would let their child cut me off like that? and that NOISE coming from the kid? Are you kidding me?

Well 7 years ago, God blessed me with my little head-strong darling of my very own. My daughter is everything that birth order books talk about in regards to being the first born. She is gorgeous, sweet and did I mention HEAD STRONG?

Since then, I have given birth to 2 boys, a 5-year old and a 14-week old. Each child is different. Each has their own personality - and while they all look alike - they brings to the family their own strengths and weaknesses.


Yes, they cut people off in the store. (well the 14-week old doesn't.... YET). Yes, they make THOSE noises. But it's funny how God gives you a bit more grace when it's your own kids in those situations.

God is teaching me something. Patience.

While I hope to have the calm someday of Michelle Duggar when disciplining or correcting - i'm slowly getting there.

Disciplining in the calm is a goal of mine. I don't want to scream irrationally when my kids do something wrong. I've done that way too many times and have been burdened with a heavy heart after the fact. I want to speak firmly and with respect to the situation, and discipline effectively.

It's a learning process. But hoping God helps me before puberty hits. PUBERTY, oh my.

Discipline your children while you still have the chance; indulging them destroys them. - Proverbs 19:18 - The Message

Molly Thornberg blogs at mollythornberg.com and digitalmomblog.com. She's a follower of Christ, a mom, a wife and technology lover. When she isn't being MOM to her 3 darlings, she is Director of Digital Media at Women of Faith.

Have you experienced God working on you thru disciplining your children?