Type-A Mom: the Reasons Why

Friday, August 27, 2010

I simply would love the opportunity to attend Type-A Mom Conference. The conference starts roughly 2 months after the birth of my second child. It also starts 6 years after I typed my first post. Through different phases of life I have blogged. Everyone needs a chance to renew and refresh. This chance could be mine. 
Type-A Mom Conference is the best blog gathering for me because:
• It will help me to increase my knowledge of blogging;
• It will give me a much needed refresher course in marketing and social media;
• It will help me be connected with other bloggers. 
I have researched other blogging conferences out there and I am very impressed at how diverse Type-A Mom conference already is. I am a blogger of color and I am so thrilled about that option as a tribe.
If I am chosen to attend Type-A Mom, it will be my very first blog conference. I hope to share what I learned with local bloggers who won't get a chance to go as well as with my readers. 
The conference will make me a better blogger but my goal is to produce content that will make the lives of others better.

Here's the link to this giveaway at Blog Conference Newbie!
Tamara said...

Thank you for entering the Type-A Mom Contest at Blog Conference Newbie. Just a reminder: in order for your entry to count, there needs to be a mention of and a link back to the original contest post on Blog Conference Newbie.

Thanks and good luck!

Cintia Listenbee said...

Thanks for the reminder, it totally slipped my mind. I just got it fixed. thank you very much!!!