Friday, August 27, 2010

Type-A Mom: the Reasons Why

I simply would love the opportunity to attend Type-A Mom Conference. The conference starts roughly 2 months after the birth of my second child. It also starts 6 years after I typed my first post. Through different phases of life I have blogged. Everyone needs a chance to renew and refresh. This chance could be mine. 
Type-A Mom Conference is the best blog gathering for me because:
• It will help me to increase my knowledge of blogging;
• It will give me a much needed refresher course in marketing and social media;
• It will help me be connected with other bloggers. 
I have researched other blogging conferences out there and I am very impressed at how diverse Type-A Mom conference already is. I am a blogger of color and I am so thrilled about that option as a tribe.
If I am chosen to attend Type-A Mom, it will be my very first blog conference. I hope to share what I learned with local bloggers who won't get a chance to go as well as with my readers. 
The conference will make me a better blogger but my goal is to produce content that will make the lives of others better.

Here's the link to this giveaway at Blog Conference Newbie!