Books of Influence

Saturday, August 28, 2010

These are the new books I got through two blog giveaways. I started to read Sun Stand Still and recommend to anyone who needs a faith boost. I'll have a review on both once I'm finished. 
Other than these I've been reading the Bible on my phone. We have several Bibles at the house and I use an actual book when I'm reading for the kids, so they can get a visual. When I need encouragement on the go or when I want to study something real quick, I use my wonderful app. I have many more translations on the phone than at home. The app also offer different languages (yay) so the Portuguese versions are going. 
I must admit that finding time to read with two kids is challenging but not impossible. I read while I pump, I read while they both sleep and I read a verse or two in the bathroom. has an audio Bible option, so I turn on a book and we can listen to the Bible as we do whatever through the day. There you go, no more excuses for not reading the Bible through the week.