Monday, September 20, 2010

My husband, The Reverend

My husband is an Ordained Minister, glory be to God! His ordination was this past Sunday. We felt God's overwhelming love through His people and we were really blessed by the ordination ceremony.
I give glory to God because since we joined our church we have been growing as we walk by faith in the ways of God. We have learned a lot about God and His people and we have been blessed in too many ways to count. 
It's been a privilege to serve our church. I feel joy and excitement as I remember Zeke's ordination and I can't wait to continue to walk by faith with him in ministry. 
I love my husband and I respect him as the minister of the Gospel that God made him to be. I admire his deep and extravagant love for God. I love the way He expresses it without shame. I admire His commitment to God's people as he pastors. I love the fact that I know the Man better than anyone and our love grows stronger as the years go by.
Thanks to our church family, friends and family for being so loving and supportive, we'll keep counting on your prayers!
My kids are too little to remember this day but we'll remember that they were there. I remember my dad's ordination, it was awesome, a joyous and heavenly occasion. My kids were funny. LP talked a lot and was wondering what we were doing on stage. Z girl slept the whole time because her tummy was full. I guess we'll be watching the video many years from now when they can get the meaning of the occasion :) It's wild to think that we went from just the two of us joining the church to the growing family we have now. God knows how to bless His children and I am so thankful.