Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Nursing Dilemma Part 2

I gave myself one month to try nursing my second born. My deadline expired and I kept trying - with the help of two meds. The medicine I was waiting for came in and it actually increased my milk production a little bit. I quickly found out that I needed to supplement.
After a whole month waiting, praying and trying to do what's best, I have settled for a mix of breastfeeding, pumping and bottle feeding. That's my reality and I'm okay with it.
I tell you what, the bottle feeding sphere hasn't been easier than nursing. I am faced with different choices: bottles, formulas, etc.
I am at peace for having tried to do my best and being blessed to have a lot of flexibility in feeding. Another huge blessing: this baby is getting more of my milk than my HEALTHY older son who only got 4 weeks or so of my milk. 
Feeding a human being can be challenging, it's not like feeding a doll when I was a child. Motherhood hasn't been easy or "natural" 100% of the time but it has been very rewarding. 
I'm already starting to plan what to do the next time we are blessed with another baby. Judging by my experience you'd think I would have meds lined up and ready to work on my milk production. Maybe I'll be stocked up on formula. Perhaps I won't do neither and everything will work out. Or will it?
*This is a photo of the most amount of milk I produce. Click to enlarge so you can read what I wrote :)

My Previous Experiences in 
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