Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I Love my Hair

I watched the debut of this video on Sesame Street earlier this month and I thought it was fantastic. End of my thought. Coming from Brasil while living in the States for 12 years, I found this message to be great. It's quite normal for one to love their hair, right? I almost forgot where I was.
Once the video started to get a lot of buzz I thought about my own daughter. She gets to grow up in a culture that it's not known to value diversity like mine did. The Sesame Street video gave me hope that there are people out there that recognize that the media is not as ethnically and culturally diverse as it could be and are making an impact. 
My hope for my daughter is that she loves her hair. I certainly love mine. What I dislike is the reaction I've gotten a few times when I got a hair cut. Unfortunately, my experience has been that at times some beauticians are scared to do my hair because of my ethnicity. I had the impression that people were scared to even touch my hair. I even was told while on the chair "you should go to X town, they have Black shops there." Bad call.
I don't think I'll lead a march in the county and force stylists to do my hair as they would do everyone else's. I just realize that things haven't changed much but there is hope. I also know not everyone acts the same. There are good people out there.
My hope is that my child won't be easily influenced by the culture to fit into a mold and at the same time that she won't be embarrassed of the hair God gave her. At the end of the day, when God created my little girl's hair, He saw that it was good.


Megan said...

I love your hair too. I've never thought of the posed dilemna, but I can ABSOLUTELY see it. We moved here from St. Louis, and there were definitely "black salons" where people got their hair done.

{Indigo would be AWESOME to you!}

DrBabyMamaDrama said...

So funny! I have a post about this video coming up this week! Great minds think alike...

Riema's Journey said...

Excellent post!!. I saw this video few weeks ago. I just couldn't agree more with you.

Anonymous said...

I love this video, it also reminds me of a book I got when I was a little younger called Happy To Be Nappy. I hope your daughter loves her hair!