Friday, October 1, 2010

Type-A Mom: my experience

Unbelievable! Cintia at a blog conference? I was so thankful! I got there because of the awesome Janis, who held a contest on her blog {thank you}. The conference exceeded my expectations. I was open to learn and I left encouraged and equipped to be a better social media professional.
The atmosphere was a relaxed one. You could tell that newbies were nervous to be there but everyone had such a great attitude and wanted to connected. 
The first person I met was Nichole. She was a local blogger and an awesome person to hang out with. She really made me feel at ease. I was also excited to meet Fadra. She won that contest. I found her to be an awesome human being with a great blog! She was a lot of fun to tweet with :)
I met Roni Noone from Roni's Weigh. I have been following her blog for quite a while, and it was nice to talk to her about how she got started and how things evolved for her in social media. 

I was really star struck when I saw this awesome lady, Miz Fit herself! The best thing about her? She's so real! I will always remember meeting her and how encouraging she is.

Rich Single Momma is an awesome blog by Samantha. I learned that often times, the person behind the blog has a great story. I enjoyed meeting Samantha and I think she's one of the richest persons I know because of the strength she carries inside and out.
Here is another photo of Miz Fit (can you tell I'm a fan?) and the co-founder of BlogHer Elisa Camahort. I haven't been to a BlogHer conference but that is something I'd love to experience one day. I met so many other bloggers, I won't try to list them all here. Just know I appreciate you.
I walk away from Type-A with more: technical knowledge, connected with the blogging community and with the assurance that I am more than 'just a mommy blogger', I'm a social media expert. 
• To read transcripts of the sessions, click here