Type-A Mom: my experience

Friday, October 1, 2010

Unbelievable! Cintia at a blog conference? I was so thankful! I got there because of the awesome Janis, who held a contest on her blog {thank you}. The conference exceeded my expectations. I was open to learn and I left encouraged and equipped to be a better social media professional.
The atmosphere was a relaxed one. You could tell that newbies were nervous to be there but everyone had such a great attitude and wanted to connected. 
The first person I met was Nichole. She was a local blogger and an awesome person to hang out with. She really made me feel at ease. I was also excited to meet Fadra. She won that contest. I found her to be an awesome human being with a great blog! She was a lot of fun to tweet with :)
I met Roni Noone from Roni's Weigh. I have been following her blog for quite a while, and it was nice to talk to her about how she got started and how things evolved for her in social media. 

I was really star struck when I saw this awesome lady, Miz Fit herself! The best thing about her? She's so real! I will always remember meeting her and how encouraging she is.

Rich Single Momma is an awesome blog by Samantha. I learned that often times, the person behind the blog has a great story. I enjoyed meeting Samantha and I think she's one of the richest persons I know because of the strength she carries inside and out.
Here is another photo of Miz Fit (can you tell I'm a fan?) and the co-founder of BlogHer Elisa Camahort. I haven't been to a BlogHer conference but that is something I'd love to experience one day. I met so many other bloggers, I won't try to list them all here. Just know I appreciate you.
I walk away from Type-A with more: technical knowledge, connected with the blogging community and with the assurance that I am more than 'just a mommy blogger', I'm a social media expert. 
• To read transcripts of the sessions, click here
carla said...

LOVED meeting you as well.
your energy and spirit could light a room.



Roni said...

I agree with Carla. Loved that we got a chance to chat! We totally should have snapped a picture! ;)

Ak said...

How awesome that you got to meet all of those fantastic bloggers! :) I would like to go to a blogging conference someday too- I'm thinking about going to Blogher one of these years. I'd love to learn more about it. Thanks for sharing about your experience- fun seeing the pictures!

Robin ~ PENSIEVE said...

What a great conference to get your feet wet...I couldn't agree more :). Although I don't think we officially met, I saw you and your fabulous smile a lot. Isn't this funny? After reading your Twitter Bio, I was REALLY sorry we hadn't had extended conversation (how can a few words do that?).

I'm linking your post to the Master Linky on my page...I hope it means more people will find it!

Hope to meet you chat more next time :).

Nichole said...

I was so nice to meet you, too! We should try to get together some time soon.

Lu Francesa said...

Pena q está em inglês e não entendo nada :(

kym said...

It was so nice to see you! I love the rich look of your blog and all the pictures you took at the conference. I look forward to reading the transcripts of the sessions, too.

all.things.fadra said...

It was great to meet you. I'm so glad we both made it because I learned so much and met so many wonderful people like you. Happy continued blogging!

MaricrisG said...

It was nice meeting you at type a mom! I hope to get to know you more =)