Wednesday, March 23, 2011

3 Ways a Sermon Helped me be more Productive

My schedule sucked last week, partly because of how I used my time. Last Sunday's sermon was all about creating margin in our schedule. Managing time has its challenges but here are some ways to be more productive:

1 • The 3M Principle: "You cannot Multiply what you will not Measure, you cannot measure what you will not Manage" • It's worth taking an account of what we are doing with our time. I have done that and I noticed that the better I manage my time, the more productive I am. Sunday night I took the time to manage and measure my days so that I get the great results I need. So far so good.

2 • What Drives You? • this is the million dollar question for me. When you look at my schedule, you should get a great clue of what drives me. Looking at my daily activities should give (alarming) clues if I'm on the right path or not. 

3 • Develop Routines • very practical point but it hit home. Instead of spending emotional energy each week trying to figure out when in the world I'm going to get groceries I could have a set day for that chore and spend the rest of the week in my creating endeavors. 

One of the side effects of creating margin in my life is joy. When my schedule is organized, there is time to be creative, there is time to exercise, there is time to laugh and sing with my kids. I am a joyful person but when my joy level is down so is my strength. Whoever knew that a better schedule could bring balance, creativity and joy to my life. Selah.