Social Media for Small Businesses

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Haywood County, N.C. is a gorgeous part of the country yet to be discovered by many. I am determined that Social Media can help new customers enter the doors of the many small businesses established here in the mountains.
Here are 5 reasons why Small Businesses should be using Social Media:

1. Free Advertisement • We live in the third largest county in Western North Carolina. A strong presence in social media allows you to reach a big chunk of the 57,000 people who live here for free.  
2. Improved Customer Service • Unlike major businesses, you have greater access to your clients just because there are less people in between you. Your presence in social media will allow you to improve your customer service because you will be in touch with your customer on a regular basis, no need to wait until they enter your doors.
3. Online Deals • Through Social Media you give your customers the convenience of looking up specials online. That is how I found out about one of our local toy stores offering free party space when I was planning my son's first birthday party
4. International Reach • Social Media is the best way to read a world of customers without having to open a new location in Rio. My fellow Brazilians are leaving Orkut and flocking Facebook. They already dominate Twitter - check out who's often setting the world trends. Brazilians spend an average of 30.2 hours online per month. What's the easiest way to reach Latin America's largest economy? Social Media!
5. New Outreach • During the Haywood County Social Media Workshops, I advise businesses and individuals to use a combo of new and traditional media. Both are effective and Social Media is free. A newspaper in Haywood County may reach 10,000 readers but Twitter has 190 million users. 

Social Media seems overwhelming when you don't have a lot of experience. That is why we are offering a Free Social Media Workshop March 8th at 6:30 p.m. at Blue Ridge Books in Waynesville, NC. 
Topics covered are: Digital Videos, Podcasts, Blogs and the focus of the evening will be on Facebook and Twitter for Business. Seating is limited, so get your tickets here
If you want to know more about blogging, I am teaching a class at the Haywood County Public Library next month.