When Pedicures and Wisdom Meet

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Foot Heaven
It was going to be a busy weekend for me. 540 teenagers were coming to the fun retreat I coordinate. I also know it takes a lot out of me so I decided to get a pedicure before diving into work. 
The lady doing my nails is not usually talkative, so I decided to make a to do list on my phone and just see what my friends were up to on Twitter. 
She started talking to me. All of a sudden, this question  emerged from the bottom of her troubled heart. 
Most people would jump at the opportunity to just say something cute. I realized that was an opportunity for ministry and asked God for wisdom.

Wisdom is seen in the Bible from cover to cover. I have fun looking at how it is portrayed: Eve saw the fruit was desirable for gaining wisdom. Solomon asked for wisdom. In Proverbs we hear wisdom calling and we are encouraged to call her our sister. The Bible also says that wisdom is better than bling (Proverbs 8:11), can you believe it?
One thing is for sure, it's hard to see the value of wisdom when we are so earthly minded. 
When asked for advice, we try to look at ourselves instead of looking at a God who's Wise. It's possible to tap into a wisdom that's beyond our own, just ask Jesus (Isaiah 11:2). 

My words could make or break that sweet lady. I carefully told her her problem was stopping her from enjoying an abundant life. I told her I'd pray for her and I asked her to think about my words. I sense she received the encouragement and was able to think about her problem a little differently. 
I shutter at how much power our words have. They can make or break people. I have met many people who have a lot of pride in being the ones their friends go to in order to find advice. I challenge you to look at where your wisdom is coming from. Does it come from God or does it come from you? 
Trust me, I get it wrong often but I yearn to make this a reality in my life:
"My mouth will speak words of wisdom; the meditation of my heart will give you understanding." Psalm 49:3
When was the last time you asked for Godly wisdom? When was the last time you gave Godly wisdom?