5 Ways to Fit Exercise in your Busy Day

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I believe physical activity can do more than change numbers on a scale, it can positively influence your outlook of life. Everyone is busy, so how do you possibly stay motivated over time? The key is to find ways to fit it into your schedule. Here are 5 tips to trick your busy lifestyle and get in the habit of exercising.

1. Wake up Before Everyone Else • this one works for me because by time time I take a shower and fix breakfast, the house is just waking up while I am reaping the benefits of exercise. Set your alarm clock on the other side of the room to be sure you wake up. Have your clothes ready to go in the bathroom and have fun!
2. Work it at Work • even if you take a 15-minute walk during your break, physical activity will add a lot to your well-being. I had a co-worker who lived in the country, so she made sure she got her miles in before she went home for the day. What a great sense of accomplishment! 
An afternoon walk before going out to eat.
Photo Credit: Amanda V. Pereira
3. Include your Kids • I was known to walk 3.6 miles with my first born on a baby carrier. Now that I have two, I am known to push a double-stroller around my hilly neighborhood. I love it because of the extra effort involved and my kids get quite entertained with the walk. During play dates, start with a walk, then stop at the playground.
4. Yard Work Matters • Count that baby as activity. We have a lot of yard to work on and a whole garden behind our house. That’s extra activity built into my day because of all the physical effort that goes into beautifying our house. You can even set goals for how long you’ll be outside doing that. Just for curiosity, look up how many calories you burn with 30 minutes of yard work.
5. The 10,000 Steps Game • when I get a pedometer, I’m more apt to try to get extra steps any way I can. Having this as a fitness goal can be motivational. You will park a little further or take another lap around the mall. At the end of the day, those extra 20 minutes mean more calories burned.

Winter is gone so excuses need not to be part of our lives. Try to find something that works for you when it comes to exercising. Keep it simple, make it work for your schedule and reap a healthier lifestyle not only today but for years to come. Make exercise an established habit in your life!