Running Tips for the Non-Runner

Thursday, May 19, 2011

1. I never thought of myself as a runner thus, my first step was key: Change your thinking. A lot of fellow runners tell me that running is mostly mental. I agree and I challenge you to change your thinking first.
First 5K race, October 2008
10 weeks Pregnant
2. Decide how much time you can dedicate to training and just do it. Whether you use an online guide or you just face the pavement yourself, set your training goals and watch the miles add up at the end of the week.

3. Practice weight training. Weight training will help you strengthen your muscles and improve your performance on race day. It can also help you prevent injuries.

4. Not looking too much at my watch helps me run better. I do pay attention to my pace but when it gets to about half way there, I say, 'this is when you stop looking at the clock Cintia.' I don't get too concerned with the time and enjoy running more.

5. I didn't train with music for my first races but for the third and fourth I have been. I noticed that BPM does matter so I created a pretty nice playlist for my iPod with shout music. Finding music that works for you can make your running experience more pleasant. 

6. Registering ahead of time for races keeps me committed to training. I have to trick myself to train. Losing weight is not motivation enough thus a deadline such as a race day (June 11 is the next) keeps me training seriously.

I hope these tips help you and inspire you to get out there and enjoy this great weather! You can watch my Journey to the Finish Line series here