3 Tips for Social Media Savvy Musicians

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Barracuda Blues Band

There’s a world of websites promising you fame and fortune. A wise musician needs to know how to spend their time in order to receive more buzz for their music. Here are 5 tips that are sure to help you be social media savvy.

1. Go where your Fans are • Most people do not know what Reverb Nation is. Many will try their best not to sign up to another place where they can listen to your music. Instead of trying to lead a massive exodus out of traditional social media platforms, go where your fans are. Focus on better utilizing those platforms which are very versatile when it comes to musicians. The key is to glam your fans where they are instead of making more difficult find you.

2. Don’t Spam your Fans • During my Social Media workshops and consulting sessions I offer smart strategies for business owners who want to gain and maintain interest from consumers. Spaming your fans include bad strategies such as using your personal profile to tag hundreds of people on a video of yours or on a photo promoting your next project. This is the easiest way to lose fans because you are crowding their walls with information that belongs on your Artist or Band page. Here are other easy ways to lose fans on Facebook.

3. Measure your Efforts • It’s important to use social media as a measurable tool. If most of your strategy consists of tagging people in videos and photos you posting on your wall, how can you measure efficiency? Measuring your online marketing efforts allow you to be a more successful user of social media, which will in return give you more time to dedicate to your precious creative process.

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