Sunday, July 31, 2011

It's Official: We're Moving!

North Carolina has been home for 6 years. We got married here, bought our first home here and had our first two kids here. God has been good to us in this gorgeous place. The news is that God has blessed us with a place to call home, so we are so excited to go. There will always be a special place in our hearts for the friends and family we made in Western North Carolina. I am so thankful for all the abundant life we lived here. Thank you friends for being a blessing to us. We love you from the bottom of our hearts!
After 6 years, We are Moving
I could write so much about my experience in this place but I rather talk about universal feelings such as, how do you deal with change? Putting things inside of boxes is not that big of a deal once your heart is settled. My mother often asks me an important question when I am about to make life altering decisions. I answered yes, I am happy. I think she was concerned about me leaving my first home. Mom still lives in the same house she moved in as a married woman 33 years ago. My husband and I have lived in 3 different places thus far. We realize that home is where God wants my family and I to be. Leaving friends is never easy but thank God for the magic of Skype and social media! Another big lesson learned at the end of my journey here is that my friends know how to find me. I had concrete proof of that when my friend Amanda came from Brasil, to New York to Seattle to Cali then to my small town USA just because of strong bonds of friendship. You can't tell me my true friends won't get themselves near me when they can. Packing the house is not that big of a deal. Answering the question "are you happy?" and dealing with issues of the heart is what makes moving much easier for me.
Okay, so where are we going exactly? Houston, Texas! 
I am thankful to God and to everyone who have been praying with us during this transition. We are in good standing with our beloved church family and we are looking forward to strengthening these bonds of friendships even with the distance. We are looking forward to what God has prepared for our new season in Houston, Texas. My husband is a Pastor, so we are moving to join an amazing church family. Look for my Sunday #sermonnotes Tweets! As always, keep us in your prayers and thanks for reading!