Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Life After Baby: Weight Loss Progress

I decided to change my lifestyle a year ago to a healthier one. I called this series "Life After Baby" and talked about weight loss quite a bit. My daughter just turned one and since she started walking at 9 months I realized I no longer have a baby. Today I want to share my journey in photos and tell you the key lessons learned but first, the numbers:
First baby:
Starting Pregnancy weight: 145 lbs
@ 9 months pregnant: 195 lbs
Second baby:
Starting Pregnancy weight: 190 lbs
@ 9 months Pregnant: 216 lbs
Current weight: 156 lbs

Progression Photos (click to enlarge)

1 • Winning Habits • establishing good habits helped me throughout the year. From having my clothes ready to go to making the healthier choice each meal, they were my allies in this journey. A year later when I find myself discouraged, they help me to go on because they are such a part of me. Successful lifestyle changes include forming good habits.
2 • Stress Management • I took a good look at my life and identified stress as the major impediment to good health. Stress is the enemy that will always be there and must be managed.  Overeating and anxiety are byproducts of this beast. I have been intentional about winning my battle with stress. I am blessed to enjoy better quality of life because of this choice I made. 
3 • The Next Step • I am always challenging myself with the question "What's Next?" After I finished my goal of running 3 5Ks by July, it was time to reassess my goals. Right now while we are moving to Texas, my goal is not to be so stressed out that I gain weight. I am also in the process of signing up to more challenging races such as a half-marathon in December. Knowing there's an event in the future keeps me motivated, although my main motivation to stay healthy is already established.
As I wrap up this series I am very much committed to maintain a healthy lifestyle. My prayer is that you too establish winning habits, learn how to manage stress and remain hopeful about your future. Thanks for reading this series!
Disclaimer: This journey is a process, not an event. Weight loss is not my full-time job. I'm a wife and mother first. Still, I am working on being a healthier wife and mother. In this journey I make many mistakes and learn from them. I am humbled by God's grace which empowers me to succeed. My hope is that you find encouragement to take small steps towards being a healthier you. There's only One who's perfect so I pressed towards the calling I have in God. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

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