Sightseeing Passeando

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our last Bele Chere in Asheville! We had a great time at the festival. It was very hot but we managed to stay cool. Nosso último Festival Bele Chere em Asheville! Foi muito bom apesar do calor.

This was some kind of smoke tent. I thought the warning outside was interesting (click to enlarge). Isso foi uma tenda pra fumantes. O aviso na frente diz que fumar pode dar cancer. Achei interessante. Olha a fila pra entrar.
 This was fun to see. O pessoal se divertindo.
 Ice cream break! We tried to stay cool any way we could! Uma pausa pra tomar sorvete. Tentamos nos refrescar bastante.
 These things were refreshing. We walked under them whenever we saw one. Esses chuveirinhos estavam bons. Toda vez que víamos um passamos embaixo.
We visited the Lake Lure Inn for the first time. This place was one of the locations where they filmed Dirty Dancing. Visitamos esse hotel pela primeira vez, ele se chama Lake Lure Inn. Esse é um dos lugares onde o filme Dirty Dancing foi filmado.
 I can say that all of of us enjoyed the Sunday brunch. The staff was very friendly! Todos gostamos do almoço. As pessoas que nos atenderam foram muito simpáticas!
 I had a chocolate fountain on my wedding party, so it was nice to see one there. Lembrei do meu casamento quando vi esse negócio de chocolate.
 The buffet was really delectable. O buffet estava delicioso.
 A free petting zoo in Canton, NC, during the 'Mater Fest. My son enjoyed the animals. Meu filho gostou de fazer carinho nos animais. Isso foi um festival de tomate aqui na cidade.
jaime said...

First, I never properly congratulated you on your upcoming move! How exciting! (Though, sad that you're leaving WNC.)

I love sightseeing in my own town. Makes me really appreciate everything we have around here. :) Your pictures reminded me that I need do that more often, especially with fall right around the corner!