What Packing?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

This is what my dinning room looks like as I type. We are getting ready to move and we are in the "no turning back" stage. Here's how we are preparing: 
Pre-pare • In the beginning of the summer I got rid of a lot of baby items we were no longer using. I held the most unsuccessful yard sale ever, no items were sold. I swallowed my frustration and packed everything in my van and donated the items to a local charity.
My Dear Stuff • The hardest things to let go of were mine, so I asked Zeke to help me go through the things in our room. Sure, I didn't need that t-shirt I haven't wore since 1996 and my shoes need a big improvement. We quickly organized what we wanted to donate and what no one needed to see again in two different piles so everything that's left is really going to be used.
Furniture Free • I have been praying for new pieces of furniture for a while and I know God will answer my prayers. We decided to donate and sell everything but our bed. I joined a local online yard sale group and was able to sell a few items there. I believe we passed the 'I'm not attached to my stuff' test. Yesterday my neighbor came to get the pieces we were donated and it actually felt good to know someone in need will be blessed.

The good news is that the moving company will do the packing for us, all I need to do today is to pack for the trip. God is faithful and as I share on my eBook, He really guides mothers with young so gently.
My journey has been one of faith. God has been faithful and I am learning what's really important. My family is my priority and with God as our guide, He leads us besides still waters and refreshes our souls.

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