How to Effectively Tweet for your Boss

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

3 Rules for Success
Rejoice! Being a Ghost Twitter is a cool job. You know what's cooler? Doing it right. Here are three simple rules that will make your work flawless:
1. Make it plain • Use your twitter description to tell followers who tweets in the account. People love transparency, thus, tell them who's behind the magic. If you are just starting an account, you can tweet letting people know how to recognize when your boss is actually tweeting.
2. Follow the Golden (Grammar) Rule • Do your boss a favor by following basic Grammar Rules. It is okay to use 'text language' when tweeting but in order to effectively deliver a message, you must observe basic English grammar.
3. Learn his or her Voice • It's imperative to learn your employer's voice and to deliver it on Twitter. Don't tweet as if your employer is from London if she's a down home Mississippi girl. Talking about your strategy is always a good idea.

I hope this simple rules help you be excellent at your work. Happy tweeting! For more Social Media Posts, click here