Social Media for Busy Pastors

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Most busy Pastors shutter at the thought of one more bullet on the to-do list. When faced with social media  options, Pastors are always asking "how will this benefit me?" The simple answer is that by using social media, you will be able to connect with a world wide audience and spread your influence beyond the sound of your microphone. I know that
not all pastors have a staff taking care of online streaming, Blog posts and the Twitter account so here is are 3 easy things you can do today to enhance your social media presence.

1 • Discover what's relevant. If you are a pastor in Holly Springs, Mississippi, the social media usage of your congregation may differ from a pastor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Avoid adding one more account you need to manage by finding out what your congregation uses the most. No use of having Twitter if your congregation is really loving Facebook.
2 • Be Consistent. This is the most important key. If you start communicating in any social media platform, be consistent. People respond to constant updates from you. The first step is to be honest and decide how much time do you really have for social media. If you decided it's twice a week, be consistent and you will receive good results.
3 • Add Value to your Readers. I am sure that you did not deliver all your study notes last Sunday. Is there a paragraph you can blog about which will not only remind people of your sermon but give them that extra encouragement for the week? That's what I mean by adding value to your readers: you give them more, you give them extra, you add value to their lives.

These three simple strategies will help you make the most of your time online while delivering effectiveness to your online media efforts.
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