Getting to Know You: Houston Ballet

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My bucket list is getting shorter: I had my first Houston date at the Houston Ballet. We got the most frugal of the ticket selections and sat all the way up top. I must confess that the height made me a little dizzy but it did not diminish the awe of the this great experience. Here's what to expect as you walk in to enjoy the Houston Ballet's performance: 
Wortham Theather entrance
Parking • We got there right at the nick of time, the performance was starting soon. Valet parking for $10 outside of the theater was a great investment, specially because of all the construction in that area of town. The advantage of having your car practically waiting for you as the performance ended was also a plus.
The theater is gorgeous inside
PerformanceReturn of the Masters was a gorgeous performance. Unlike some of the more traditional productions it included two singers, which added a lot to the performance. It was also amazing to hear the orchestra playing. It was my first time hearing a live orchestra playing for a ballet. My husband and I both loved the production.
In the elevator
Length • I could not find any easy way to find out how long the performance was going to be, but we were there for close to 3 hours. I had a paid sitter, which was the reason why I needed to know what to expect. 
View from the Balcony
Media • The Houston Ballet allows you to get photos and videos only before the performance or at the green room after the performance. They follow up with you by mail (we got 50% discount for the next performance) and they call you as well but I haven't been able to talk to them by phone. It would be more helpful if you had the option to choose between phone calls or e-mails. For this mother with young children, an e-mail will be a more effective way of communication. 
I really enjoyed my experience at the Houston Ballet. I could tell they are really organized and they make sure you have an amazing experience all the way through. All the volunteers were very friendly and helpful. 
I really appreciate everyone who worked or volunteered to make my experience a great one at the Houston Ballet. I'm looking forward to the holiday performances.
For more information on the Houston Ballet, go to their website.
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