Leaders in the Home Front: Organization

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Leaders are everywhere. From playgrounds to board rooms, one can easily identify people who naturally take leadership in life. I call men and women who take care of their children at home “leaders in the home front” because they display and practice leadership principles that not only make their lives more efficient but impacts the lives of their families for generations. Today, I start my new series “Leaders in the Home Front” tackling the topic of how organization can open endless opportunities to any leader. 
Constant organization can be a challenge but it’s worth pursuing. Being organized is an advantage that most leaders in the home front enjoy. Not all leaders are professional organizers but the benefit of having organized work spaces give them the opportunity to live more efficient lives. All leaders are given 24 hours per day and organization helps you make better use of these precious hours. The goal of organization is to do what you have to do so that you do what you want to do. For example, taking 5 minutes a day to organize my files allows me to easily find the data I need for a more better quarterly report. I also get to work on my future file, which is where I store ideas for future projects. If I’m not organized, planning for the future is not a priority at all. 
The reasons why leaders need to be more organized are endless. My encouragement is for you to take the first step today. Make a list of reasons why you should be organized. It may include things such as:
• find cleaning supplies easier; 
• know exactly where that tax return from 5 years ago is; 
• stay up to date with passport expiration dates; 
• get to family pictures and memorabilia for a child’s school project; 
• guests will feel at ease in my office. 
I believe that organized spaces display a visible part of a leader’s personality. I believe that getting organized may the first step to work on your dreams and goals. Which area of your life needs immediate attention as far as organization today? What possibilities will organization in that area open up for you?