A Pinterest-ing Life plus, Giveaway Winner

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If you haven't heard, Pinterest is the cool thing to do. It is a virtual pinboard where you can organize the beautiful things you find in the web. My virtual friend girls have been spending hours in this social media platform lately. Me? Once I got the concept, I started to really enjoy this site. I do two major things with my Pinterest account (you can follow me here):
1. Treat it as if it was a magazine. I look at other people's pins and really enjoy it as if I was looking at a never-ending magazine. Pinterest has been known to put me to sleep a time or two. Not in front of the computer but with my iPad 2 before a much needed nap.
2. Dream about decoration projects. If you know me well you probably know that home decor is not my forte. I enjoy getting new ideas here. Last night for example as we were decorating our home, my husband asked what has been the trend at Pinterest when it comes to hanging pictures. There, my virtual hobby made it to my real life.
Pinterest is awesome for creative people. I learned that getting the Chrome plug-in helps me to use it more often when I'm sitting here with my iMac.
You do need an invitation to start using Pinterest, so if you need one, e-mail me at simplycintia at gmail.com and you got it. Happy Pinning my friend!

We have a winner

• Congratulations Vicki Mehaffey! E-mail me your address so we can get your books to you! Thanks for a fun giveaway everyone! I'll have another next week!
Unknown said...

I LOVE Pinterest! (probably too much!) The recipes on there are amazing!! It is also a great way to, like you said, get ideas for your home, and find fun crafts to do with the little ones.