The Art of Saying No

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

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Some people are better at saying No than others. The fact is that this skill is needed in order for you to take control of many areas of your own life. Let's face it, everyone out there, even strangers, have a schedule for you. No is what separates you from out of control to having authority over your life. Here are 3 keys to mastering the Art of Saying No. 
1 • Know what your priorities are - if you don't have a clear direction to your life, it becomes easier to take on everyone else's projects. Know your priorities by heart. Write them down if you have to but make sure that all you do in life matches your priorities. 
2 • Be honest - For some reason we are afraid people are not going to accept our truth. The fact is that honesty is always the best answer. You don't have to over explain yourself, just be honest. You will be amazed at how people honor honesty. 
3 • Deliver your answer with care - part of the art of saying No includes respecting the person receiving the No. Deliver your answer without anger in your lips. If you have to tell them you'll think about it before saying the final answer, do that. Part of the Art of saying No includes being considerate to the person receiving the No. 
I am aware that we say no to people and to things. If you need to say to laziness, you still need to know what your priorities are. If you are saying no to unhealthy living, you must be honest with yourself and recognize that in all honesty, this unhealthy lifestyle will only lead you down. I invite you to take a quick survey of your life. What are the things you need to say NO to? One last thing, "No" is a complete sentence.
carla said...

I live this.
It has changed my life.
For the better.