The Case for Rest

Thursday, January 12, 2012

One of the main lessons I am learning this season is how to take time to recharge daily. I sometimes feel like I am supposed to be this amazing fortress that can withstand everything all by myself. While being stressed out, tired and constantly going beyond what’s humanly possible seems to be the way to success, in my reality being rested has proven to bring a more qualitative life. I keep wondering what’s the use of riding the wave of success just to break down in high sea. What is the reason to keep finding stimulants to keep your body working 24 hours a day just to find your health diminished? I think the answer to these questions is within the heart. Proverbs 4:23 says that the what’s in your heart determines the course of your life. The reason why some think they have to do everything by themselves is within their hearts. I agree that some seasons of life are naturally busy while most are self-inflicting. I used to take this month to set goals and I joined the masses in working in them with all my might. While I still believe in achieving goals, I no longer do it to the detriment of my well-being. Being aware of the estate of my heart and carefully calculating priorities has proven to be helpful. Some of you might say that being pregnant is a great time to do that because you can’t function otherwise. The same principle can be applied to someone giving birth to a dream. We all have 24 hours available. All of us need rest, which brings about refreshment and recharging to keep working on our dreams. Like most of us, you also need to apply those 24 hours in the care of family, work and other parts of life. Look at how many responsibilities you have. You really need to use your time wisely my friend. Being rested allows you to make wiser decisions. Consider the results of chronic overworking and stress: brilliant people who break down and make major mistakes causing harm to many. The people you influence on a daily basis need you at your best.

A rested mind is creative and sharp. Don’t be tempted to overwork yourself just because it seems popular. Count the cost, choose your priorities wisely and start from guarding your heart with all diligence. The heart is the wellspring of life.