Letter to Baby Z3

Friday, February 17, 2012

Since this is my last Blog Post before finding out my baby's gender, I decided to write a letter to baby and post it here. I'll do the big gender reveal next week here on the blog, so come back and find out!

Hey Baby Z3, I love you so much. The amazing thing about you is that even before you were formed in my womb, God knew you and had a purpose for you. You are so wanted and so loved already! Your father had the biggest smile in his face when we found out we were expecting you. Your brother and sister have no clue about you which is fun because I love to see their facial expressions when they meet you for the first time. You are going to love hanging out with your siblings! We have fun all day long around here (I'm sure you hear it all): we eat great food, play, run, dance, explore outside, go to story time, go to play dates, to church and we always sing together as a family. I am curious to know what your voice sounds like. One of my favorite things is to hear my kids singing. We're getting to have quite a group! There will be 5 of us singing when you're born. I'm sure you'll quickly catch up on all the songs. People often ask me what I want as far as a gender and my answer is: I want you. God was very intentional in creating you and all I want is YOU, God's best for our family. You are a blessing already and we are so looking forward to meeting you in a couple of months. Oh, I hope you are enjoying those Almond Butter Strawberry sandwiches :) Eu te amo de montão, 
sua Mamãe.

Unknown said...

So sweet, Cintia. I already know that this will be one loved and very blessed little Listenbee. We love you all, and continue to believe that God has wonderful things in store for you and your family. Many, many blessings. Love you!

deekodee said...

This is the sweetest love letter I've read... You're a blessing! I'm sure your child knows your love. Praise God for your inspiring letter.