Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Generational Gap in Women's Ministry

Young mothers live in a different world than most Women’s Ministry leaders knew in their early motherhood years. Hours after giving birth, they are posting photos on Facebook and streaming live video of newborn babies to family all over the world. With so many ways of making instant communication available, churches can still be relevant and very instrumental in providing spiritual guidance, mentoring and providing for the physical needs of young women.
Other women are not getting married early but are pursuing their career and serving God. How can Women's Ministry benefit from their youthful energy and passion for God while instilling experience and maturity? My suggestion is that prayer, mentoring and serving will bring women of different generations together. I am curious to hear about successful models out there.
• I wonder if you have noticed the generational gap in your church's Women's Ministry. Do you have any suggestions to close the gap?