Pregnancy: Week 20

Monday, February 13, 2012

Since I gave you a detailed update last week, I thought this week I'd compare & contrast this pregnancy with the previous two. Here's a journey down memory lane thanks to the wonderful world of blogging:

December 2008 • By Week 20 of Pregnancy número uno I was feeling the bliss. I was exercising regularly (go me!), looking for new Podcasts and celebrating Christmas. What I see between the lines is how different life pre-babies was. I was able to attend tons of Christmas parties without the concern of having to find sitters. I was also really looking forward to meeting my son. 

March 2010 • You can see a more experienced mother by Week 20 of Pregnancy número dos. I write about looking forward to the summer because the winter was very tough on us. Inches and inches of snow got me thinking about birds singing and my husband's barbecue. I remember we would sit around our dinner table and picture a family of four. Sweet time!
February 2012 • This time around I am aware of the intricacies that births bring. I am more confident, more prepared and yet, waiting for the many moments of unique wonder to the blessing of new life brings. I look forward to looking at the baby for the first time. I look forward to introducing the new baby to my kids and seeing their reaction. I look forward to carrying my baby in a carrier. There are so many things to look forward to and yet I am half way there.
• What are some of the things you remember about your mid-pregnancy?
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Rachelle Wooten said...

I remember feeling more energized and a little apprehensive that the youngest was not "the youngest" anymore. I somehow thought I was loving them less with another one. Now I see I can love on all of them collectively and individually. Blessings to you in your pregnancy!

Cintia Listenbee said...

It's amazing how much we learned as we birth kids. Love ya & thanks for sharing!