My Week: from Hopeless to Hopeful

Friday, February 10, 2012

Have you ever had a week that seemed hopeless? You know you are supposed to pray, trust God and things ought to get better but all you seem to do is struggle? That was my week til yesterday. The key to successful weeks around here is to spend significant time with God. I do that throughout the day but I found out that even if all we do is go on a (much needed) prayer walk, I have the best of days. I feel invencible because I have the assurance of His presence and His guidance for that day. 

In this wonderful world of motherhood, my days seem to run together. By the time I hit my head on the pillow it's time to wake up and fix oatmeal for the kids. When people look at my kids and pregnant me, they say "you're about to be busy...!" but the truth is, I'm already busy. I know few people who have a lot of time in their hands while taking care of two kids under 3. Instead of letting the amount of responsibility overwhelm me, I decide to cast my cares on God for He cares for me. 

This principle of casting cares really works. This morning for example my heart was heavy because of the police strike in Rio de Janeiro. Instead of being freaked out and afraid all day, I remembered Psalm 91 and prayed for the situation. I reminded my Facebook friends who live in Rio of God's promises in Psalm 91 and told them I am praying for them. By the time someone asked me if I had a prayer request later that morning I forgot about it because I had such peace and confidence that God heard and answered my prayer. 

This week I learned that it's up to me to keep my relationship with God alive. He's always there, He's always speaking and He's always ready to love me. His Word says that there is no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus (that's me), so I am encouraged not to be so down because of my imperfections but look to Jesus for the help I need daily. 
I pray that you too can seek God with all your heart more often. He says you will find Him.
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