What Moves You?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

There are many opportunities to help others with what I currently have. Like many of you, I admire the great philanthropists who are taking so much money and supplies to the impoverished nations of the world. Their mighty acts of charity on television may also cause a sense of worthlessness. You may say: "I can't do anything because I stay at home with my 2 kids," or "I have a lot of bills to pay right now, if I had that kind of money, I'd give away too." The trick here is to understand that Philanthropy starts in the heart - the meaning of Philanthropy is "the love of humanity". The desire to help others never starts by having wealth but by having a heart that is moved by the pure and timeless decision to love others. 
What can a person who can't commit large sums of money do for others? 
1. Move your heart. If you search your heart, you will find that special cause that moves you. Giving time and effort to a cause that is close to your heart is so good that it promotes joy and healing to your body (Proverbs 17:22). A person moved by the love in their heart promote the welfare of others and joy to their own life. 

2. Move your Possessions. If you are fortunate enough to have material possessions, use a creative way to share. Whether you donate your children's outgrown clothes or those larger outfits you wore before losing weight, there's a good chance you can donate something you possess. Remember there are parents out there praying for new pairs of shoes for their kids. There are women out there praying for a new outfit for a job interview. You can make a big difference by emptying your closet. People have needs year round, not just in the month of December.  
3. Move your Schedule. Time is the greatest gift you can give someone. Why? You only have a set amount of it and when you give it, you never get it back. You can make more money but you can't make more time. Think about a person who needs your time such as someone in a nursing home who wants to talk, a lonely friend or a young person in need of mentoring and inspiration. We all have time, the questions is, will you share yours?
The Mindful Challenge journey I am taking this month has encouraged me to think outside of my limitations. I am reminded that I have something to give. My giving starts with the decision to love others. Love is a decision to know what moves me and acting on it. Rick Warren said the best way to spell love is T-I-M-E and I completely agree.
Challenge: Search your heart and find what moves you. Write down 3 ways you can make a difference in that area.