Mother-In-Law Relationships: Building Bridges

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The last time I wrote about In-Law Relationships I encouraged you to take your boxing gloves off and put on a servant's attitude. Mending broken, yet (dis)functional relationships is never easy but it's worth the effort. I am a witness that living through unhealthiness is so very difficult and any steps towards wholeness is a step towards freedom. While we don't always have magic solutions for these complexities in relationships, we all can take steps towards wholeness. Part of these steps include Building Bridges.
Please know that Building Bridges has nothing to do with the other person's part of the equation. What I'm suggesting is that you take account of the estate of your own heart and don't underestimate the restoring power of God.

1. You are responsible for the estate of your own heart • I am very aware of my boundaries. I am aware that I am responsible for my heart only. I can't change anyone's heart and God offers a lot of guidance through the Scriptures. I am very motivated by the verse "Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody" in Romans 12:18.  The Message version adds that we should "discover beauty in everyone." If we are seeking God's heart for our situation we have freedom to pray and discover the beauty in our in-laws. This isn't easy but I guarantee you, not impossible with God.
2. Don't underestimate the power of God to change relationships • I have been through times of faithless where I just thought I was doomed to have a horrible relationships with my MIL. It was important to know what is the character of God when it comes to my lack of faith. Luke 18:27 say that those very things that are impossible with men (or women) are possible with God. Reconciliation is part of His character. It might take years and lot of effort but it's important not to be so blinded by hurt that you lose the focus of the restoring power of God in your situation.
So, I just realized that I have been writing these posts out of order. Come back next week and read the next installment to this series, where I talk about the key to healing and restoration in In-Law Relationships: Forgiveness.

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Ak said...

You're right- there is a such a freedom when you can a long with those whom you don't usually get a long with for whatever reason... I'll be interested in your upcoming posts!