Pregnancy: Exercising Again

Monday, March 5, 2012

I have written a lot about exercise so as much as it hurts me, I wanted to show you my numbers (miles) in the past 12 months:
I'm 23 weeks pregnant and you can see when I stopped exercising. December was a tough month: little energy, I was feeling nauseous and I wasn't motivated at all. I tried to do a little more in January and it took my dad coming from Brasil to get me out last month. This month, my dream of a husband decided we all are going to be more active, so back to the gym I go.
I have experienced active and non-active pregnancies. Let me tell you, being active is much better. My goal for this week is to cover at least 8 miles and add back some resistance training to the schedule. I already lift 2 toddlers on a regular basis but I don't count that as resistance training. My objective is to be fit during my last 16 weeks of pregnancy. I'll take a break to recover from birth then the plan is to sign up for couple of races and hit the pavement again (can't wait!).

No matter what the excuse not to exercise is, there is hope for you if you want to establish this healthy habit again (read my related posts for tips, I did!). One of the first things I did this weekend was to establish my goal for the week (cover at least 8 miles) and be prepared to get out of the door in the a.m.
How are your exercise habits lately? What are some of the things that helped you get back in the habit?

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Amanda said...

Também tive que parar a hidroginástica por causa da minha crise alérgica. Vou tentar retomar nesta quarta. "During my last 16 weeks". Interessante ouvir assim, parece que falta tão, pouco!