The Distance between who I was and who I am

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life is a race, so I keep running. I am often tempted to look back, usually when I am not pleased with my current circumstances. There is a big distance between who I was and who I am. As I conquer mile upon mile I see people who knew who I was and the people who know who I am. The ones who knew me from way back then either remind me of things that belittle who I am or encourage me with attributes who build my strength. It's important to choose my running buddies wisely. I also realize there are people who know nothing from my best, my tendencies, accomplishments or failures. All they know is who I am today. These folks can be quite refreshing to have around. I truly treasure the few people who see me crossing the finish line. They are always cheering me to keep running with perseverance. They can care less about the mistakes of my past because they know maturity is the result for those who run with wisdom. These folks choose to stay involved with me no matter how much resources I have, how much I weigh or how many brand name clothes are in my closet. They love me for who I am and they see who I am becoming.  The best races are the ones where I compete without looking back. I am totally, completely focused on finishing strong and raising my fist at the end with thankfulness to God. My friend, remember there is a big distance between who you were and who you are. Keep pressing on, refuse to look back and run with those who encourage you to become a better person.    

* When I am not 7 months pregnant, I compete in 5Ks. My dream is to finish the Chicago Marathon. Training for the marathon starts once my husband and I know we're finished having our amazing children.