Work, Easter and my 7 months of Pregnancy

Thursday, April 5, 2012

My Week
This week I changed some of our usual activities so I could help my wonderful husband with some office work. I really enjoyed it! I took the kids with me and they enjoyed the change too. My husband is a Worship Minister, so we were working at the church for a few hours this week. I was helping him with some logistics for an upcoming Music Clinic he's hosting at the church. In the past, this season of the year was my busiest one, I used to be an even planner for almost 5 years. It was hard work and I loved it. It was crucial to pay attention to my health and rest before the events, especially when I was expecting. What a great time I had! I used to plan weekend retreats for youth, I've had crowds of 150 and 700.
Easter Time is Here
I learned a lot about Easter traditions in the US during the 15 years I've been here. Our focus as a family is on the Bible story. Of course we use the Sunday school lessons the kids bring home and the Kids Bibles we have. We also sing Easter songs (Portuguese) during this time of the year. I don't over worry about clothes (I actually forgot that people dress up real good til my friend asked what my kids were wearing) or  the fun activities. I teach the kids as much as they can absorb and we just celebrate this way. I do know it is an amazing time of the year and it's all about Jesus being alive and well.
I had the ambition of getting together with extended family and having a nice Easter meal but my oven malfunctioned a couple of weeks ago. Thank God our church friends invited us to their family celebration, which we are all looking forward to. I will still cook but no baking is going to happen for sure unless a new oven shows up tomorrow.
Pregnancy thus Far
I am officially 7 months pregnant, can you believe it? I can! Two more months and baby will be here. Zeke and I continue with our non-traditional ways as we found a nice recliner for our room (instead of a rocker) and the baby remains nameless (I told y'all it takes me 9 months). We will be ready when birth day comes for sure, we are just not worrying about it now. More details on the pregnancy next week.
• I pray that you had an amazing week. Lesson learned from this week? With every chance I get, a new change needs to happen. Bee blessed!
Update: the servicefolk came today and now we have an oven. Just in time for Easter :)