The Water Giver

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25
We have all seen the images of kids abroad walking miles and miles for water. We have all heard of the charities which are bringing clean water to communities. In our own lives we are constantly reminded to drink more water. What I am trying to tell you is that we all need the refreshment that water gives. Refreshment is part of life. During my Mindful Challenge I reminded you to look around for the needs of others. A basic need we all have is to be refreshed. We can all think of some small or big task on our to-do list we could gladly transfer to others. The verse in Proverbs is pretty much saying that you reap the refreshment you sow. Take a great look at your life. If stress is the king who dictates your every minute, it's difficult to think the needs of others. A good assessment of your own life would be valid so that you can make room for the needs of others. Planting seeds of refreshment keeps life encouraging, rewarding and fresh. I'm at a point in life that I look forward to providing refreshment for people. It is true that not everyone is able to receive all the refreshment I offer. Some people's receptacle can hold 8 ounces while others are more like a water tower. The important thing is to keep listening to God and being open to the needs of refreshment out there. It is also important not to expect to be drink from the fountain you just poured in. God may use other people (even strangers) to refresh you. This type of refreshment needs to come from a heart that expects nothing but God's goodness. My encouragement for you today is to look at your own life and see how you can become a great source of refreshment for others. Don't let stress and busyness rule your being. You were created to be a source of refreshment. If you are parched today, believe me, refreshment will come. That's my prayer for you today.