Friday Commentary: High Risk Pregnancy

Friday, May 4, 2012

This week has been one of celebrations. We celebrated my son's birthday last Sunday and today we celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday (photos on my Instagram & Twitter). Fun times! 
Another celebration of sorts are my weekly NSTs (Non-stress tests) and BPPs (don't know what that means but it's some type of ultrasound). I fall in the category of High Risk Pregnancy because of Chronic Hypertension so my Doctor keeps an eye on me more than she would other "regular" pregnant women. Here's a picture of me in the hospital's waiting room today.
Once I schedule these weekly exams, I think of them as a baby & mommy dates. Obviously we're there for serious reasons but I do enjoy taking a peek inside my uterus every week, finding out how much she weighs, seeing her practicing breathing and looking at her pretty face. She'll be here soon and today's test was kind of my wake up call. 
Will I do anything different now that I'm 32 weeks? Not necessarily. I'll keep exercising, eating as well as I can and getting ready for the big birth day. I'm so looking forward to seeing our blessing for the first time!
It's funny to me (and to the doctors who treat me) to know that my pregnancy is high risk because all my numbers are great. Last month one doctor looked at my stats and asked "so what are you doing here again?" God's been so good to me when it comes to my health! I am thankful.
I developed chronic hypertension a few years after I got married. I blogged extensively about how God changed/healed my mind and my body weight followed that transformation. My health improved greatly before having my first son but I never got off of high blood pressure meds. I then became a Baby Buncher, so I have to be careful to take care of my health in order to nurture my family well. Thanks to God I haven't had any problems with my blood pressure for 5 years. I kept the good habits learned during that first High Blood Pressure "intervention" phase such as:
avoid stress like a plague;
• watch for salt intake in food; 
• avoid eating out in places known to add a lot of salt & MSG to their food;
• exercise regularly; 
• use other spices such as garlic and onions in my cooking;
• drink plenty water; 
• get enough rest;
• monitor my blood pressure for any changes.
That initial bad experience was not fun because it felt like I was not in control of my body. Taking control of my health means to be conscious of my choices. It means there are consequences to my actions and I want my consequences to lead to great quality of life. 
I realize that the damage that Chronic Hypertension has in one's body can be irreversible that's why I am so eager to maintain great health habits. It's more than a dress size for me, it's about the size & quality of my earthly life.
I've learned that God is a healer but he's not a magician. I have learned that I have to create good habits in order to enjoy great quality of life. God is my healer and helper but once I get off my knees I need to chop some veggies and go for a walk. 
Keep us in your prayers as we finish this amazing journey. Being pregnant is a gift and I am trying to be a good steward by caring for my health. Have an amazing weekend!