Leaders in the Home Front: 5 Ws and the H of Great Mentors

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"A mentor helps a person to interpret the world." Maya Angelou

Leaders in the homefront do a great job finding peers. The great challenge at hand is to find Mentors and Mentees. Today I would like to give you the 5Ws and the H of finding great Mentors. Today you will learn What is a mentor, Why we need them, Where to find them, Who to trust and How to go about establishing this important relationship.

What? A mentor is a trusted counselor or guide. A mentor is someone who is wise, who has been where you are trying to go and can guide you with discernment.
Why? We don't know everything. We don't know the opportunities waiting ahead as well as the challenges on the way. We need mentors to nurture, care and guide us. We also need these trusted guides to tell us the truth about ourselves. The relationship cannot be all about your agenda, you need to be free to trust their insight and heart for you.
Where? I believe most mentors will be working in and around their area of expertise. A wise mentors can be found in universities, churches, public libraries or opera performances. I've heard of successful people who'd pay $150 for an hour with a Mentor. This would be a one time deal but totally worth the investment for the Mentee. If you don't have this type of resource, pray for a mentor who will have a heart for you and who will agree to mentor you for a specific amount of time.
Who? I believe the best Mentor is someone who will have a heart for you. They will be someone who will recognize your gift and see value in you. They will have time for you, even if 30 minutes a month. The treasures you will get from them will be worth any time you spend with them. Remember that in order to better learn you need to listen to your trusted guide.
How? Most people might not have the boldness to ask a person to please mentor them but you need to have the courage to ask for help. Also be specific about what you need from the person: is it a one time deal or do you need continuing guidance in an area? Tell them your goals, your difficulties and then, just listen. Be open to answer the hard questions about yourself. Be open to do further research and learn things on your own. Mentors are not the answers to an open test book but they are keys of enlightenment along the journey towards wisdom.

My hope is that today you will be energized to search and find mentors for your journey of life. Next in this series, the importance of having Mentees. Yes, you are qualified to have them.

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