My First DIY Birthday Party

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I seriously thought about switching the title of this post to "how come I'm always pregnant during my kids' birthdays?" but we'll leave that subject for my next Pregnancy post. This party was a great party although my husband got a lot of drama from me. Mostly because I'm a reluctant crafter (see my Balloon wreath here) so creating a party around a theme was something I was NOT looking forward to do but for Love. I love my kids so much I'm willing to do things unimaginable (such as the wreath). Here's how it went down:
• I was determined to make this party as simple as possible, so the plan was to make a few things and go semi-homemade the rest of the way.
• My friend Nicole made the birthday banner last year, so we kept it and will probably use it again and again.
• I used some of my son's toys for decorating the table. I made a baloon wreath to celebrate the occasion for our front door (I'm very proud of it!).
• I bought the cupcakes and the cake at Sam's. I also bought the Thomas decor on the cupcakes from a party store. The cake was girly but I fixed it and put a Thomas the Train candle on top of it, which made it perfect for the party.
• A great friend let me borrow the container for lemonade. It was way cheaper than buying several juice boxes. 
• I made my version of Brazilian Salpicão with rice and that's what we eat before eating cake. Everyone seemed pleased with the food.
• The weather was great, so the kids had a lot of fun playing outside. I had a few wooden puzzles inside for the kids to play as well.

My son and daughter had a lot of fun! I thank God, my husband and our friends for helping me celebrate life. I realize my son is a gift from God and his very existence has changed my life for the better. My first 1,096 days of motherhood were sweeter because of this boy. I look forward to a lifetime of celebrating who he is. Feliz Aniversário filho! Mamãe te ama! (Happy birthday son! Mamãe loves you!)
Amanda said...

Great my friend! Would like to be there celebrating with you!

Cintia Listenbee said...

Pois é, ano passado estávamos juntas :) se Deus quiser nos vemos depois que as meninas nascerem :)))