How to Make a Balloon Wreath in 2 Steps

Monday, April 30, 2012

I have been so proud of my wreath! I decided I had enough Pinterest hours so I decided to make one for my kids' birthdays. The reason why I am so proud of my accomplishments is because I am not a crafter. At all. My mother certainly tried: crochet & tricot classes as well as watching her and my grandmother sow for hours. I was more interested in writing in my journals and reading old books. Today, thanks to motherhood hormones and Pinterest, I decided to make a wreath of my own. I also promised I wasn't going to make another one, so this thing better last for years!
Here's how I did it in 2 simple steps:
• I bought the wire at a party store as well as the ballons;
• I tied the balloons in the wire with two knots and this is what I got:
The friends who attended my son's birthday party thought it was pretty and I made sure to let them know that I was very proud of this wreath. Hope I have inspired you to try something easy for your next party. Tomorrow I'll tell you more about the birthday party itself and how much drama I caused my husband in the process. See you then!