Favorite Things: Pregnancy Edition

Thursday, June 14, 2012

I'm 38 weeks today (thank you God!) and remeniscing on my Favorite Things during this pregnancy. Here are my Top 5.

Sleep - worth more than gold, sleep does a lot for this pregnant woman. I was never a believer of naps til I badly needed them when I got pregnant with my first born. This time around sleeping has improved my mood and even rejuvenated me. What a great gift!
Netflix - here in no cable land, Netflix is king. We watch a lot of good movies and have found new shows that are interesting to us. The kids have enjoyed watching music versions of their favorite shows and we can say this is money well invested.
Pinterest - I can't tell you how many times I fell asleep looking through pins. I treat it as a magazine but I only look at certain categories. I am not pleased with the spam and non-family friendly images there. I tend to stick with crafts and home decor to be on the safe, beautiful side. I also repin a lot of beautiful images of my native land Brazil. 
Mani/Pedi - Not many pregnant ladies look forward to doing their own mani/pedis (although I'm about to attempt the unthinkable and try to do it at 9 months). Mani/Pedis are amazingly relaxing gifts specially when you don't want to get all acrobatic and do it yourself. I highly suggest it as gifts to expecting moms.
iPad - I often fall asleep looking at it. That's where I watch Netflix, pin things and I take it to Mani/Pedi days. This wonder gadget has become an important part of our lives and I can say it will continue as our new baby is born soon.

I hope you enjoyed this unconventional Favorite Things: Pregnancy Edition. What were some of your favorite things while pregnant?