Zeke's Approach to Fatherhood

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My husband approached fatherhood with a lot of passion and zeal. He was first to hold, feed and change our first born. He doesn't want to miss a moment in all our children's their lives: from bringing comfort to a teething child to celebrating milestones such as potty training and birthdays.
My husband seeks wisdom about being a good father. Although his father is no longer with us, he continues to seek counseling and advice from Godly role models on how to be a great father. I really admire him for seeking wisdom in fatherhood.
My husband loves his children well. He practices balance in loving and disciplining them. He never holds back in showing affection and giving affirmation. He also never holds back in being affectionate towards me in front of the kids. Love is a verb he's teaching by example. 
We often talk about the lessons we want our children to learn and I remember he always prayed that our kids would forgive quickly. What an amazing life skill to have!
This Father's Week I want to honor my husband for being an amazing father to our kids. As we get ready to welcome another beautiful child into our family, I know that God will give my husband the grace to continue to be an amazingly wise and loving father. We love you, we appreciate you and we thank God for you Zeke!