Embracing Life as a Family of 5

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Motherhood has been an amazing season of discovery. After having my third baby, I learned 3 key lessons to successfully recovering and embracing life as a family of 5.

I can’t do everything • I really thought I was self-sufficient til I had my first child. It did take a village and I am grateful for those who extended a hand to help. Whether they cleaned while I recovered from my c-section or brought a meal over, I appreciate those who help us make through this important transition in life.

No, I can’t volunteer • Priorities shifted a lot once I became a mother. I was once able to volunteer to lead or facilitate 5 groups at church but now that’s not an option. I have learned to reflect and pay attention to my priorities, which are making sure my husband and kids have their needs met. The season to volunteer will come around again, right now it is too difficult.

I need to heal properly • slowing down is a like a foreign object in my body: it just doesn’t agree with me. The fact is, if I want to be effective later on this year, I need to stop to heal properly. Pushing myself seems so much more natural but the fact is, you can’t work on a car while it’s running.

Indulge me as I make loving my husband and taking care of my kids my absolute priority. I hope to remain this way even as life keeps changing. I want to look back at this season and have no regrets. I want my family to know they were loved and cared for wholeheartedly.