Post-Baby Life: Back to Church

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I will be returning to church (officially) a month after having this beauty. We were there for our baby shower 2 weeks after she was born but the big 'debut' will be this Sunday. This will be my third time experiencing this big step and no matter how many times you do it, it can be somewhat overwhelming. Here are a few tips that can make this experience better for parents and baby:
Get your game plan - think of logistics such as who will hold the baby? People are less likely to be all over your baby if your husband is holding your bundle of joy. Another good question is: will you keep the baby in the car seat or use a baby carrier? Think logistics
Get your answers - what will you say when people want to hold your brand new baby? Most people don't want a brand new baby being held by hundreds of baby lovers. It is smart to have your answers ready to go.
Get your grand entrance - if you arrive late you have less of a chance to mingle. Because my husband is a worship pastor I usually do my grand entrance solo. When we had our second one I arrived late and left early, which was so much more manageable for me. Think about what will work for you.
Some parents are ready to get back to church days after after having their baby, others, months. It is important to do what works for you.
I hope these tips help you have a great experience at church with your brand new baby.