How to get more Photos of your Kids

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

We were told that the more kids you have, the less photos you take. I guess life takes over and when you realize you need photos it's Christmas again. Here are a few tips to collect amazing shots of your family throughout the year.
1 • Keep your camera charged and in hand - my camera is a workhorse when charged. The worse thing that can happen to me is to be in an amazing location with no camera - or with just my cell phone. Although my cell gives me good quality, my camera gives me superb quality of photos. I try to always have a camera in hand. I don't take the big daddy camera to play dates, so we try to take a point and shoot everywhere we go. The key is to keep your batteries charged.
2 • Create a Photo 'Bucket List' - Lists are a wonderful thing to follow. You won't run out of ideas when you're out there trying to register great memories. Here's a fun list of photos from Pinterest.

3 • Subscribe to a Photo Service - online photo services are often offering free prints. I subscribe to Shutterfly. They send me e-mails with amazing offers which reminds me to keep taking new photos of the kids so we can develop them.
4 • Create Photo Projects - photo books, calendars, scrapbooking... these are amazing ways to get more photos of your kids. I make calendars for my parents and my MIL, so throughout the year I know I need to get more photos of the kids. When I have a goal in mind (photo projects) I am more motivated to get fun shots of the kids.
5 • Hire Help - If photography is not your thing, never fear, there are amazing photographers out there willing and ready to register your memories for you. I have friends who take family photos at least
once a year. I think that whether the photographer comes to you or you take the family to the mall, it's worth having someone else do the work in excellence for you - and so you can be in the photos.
QUESTION: What is your strategy to get more photos of your kids?
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