My 10 Essential Newborn Products

Monday, August 20, 2012

My baby recently turned 2 months and I have been blessed to be a mother for the third time! Here are the essential newborn products for our household.

Boppy Pillow - whether for breast or bottle feeding we all love the support the Boppy give us. As the baby grows, we use it for other things such as support during photo sessions and my husband has been known to fall asleep on it while watching TV.
Baby carrier - I love wearing my babies. Lately it has been a necessity. The toddlers are all over the place so the baby and I can keep up up together because of these wonderful things. I prefer the baby carrier over a stroller for outings. I find it easier to get baby in and out of the car and of places. We both enjoy the closeness it gives. I recently recorded a video about baby carriers.
Vaseline - this wonderful product has helped me to care of my oldest when he was circumcised as well as for the girls when they had dry skin. I use it daily on the toddlers as well. On a side note, I found out through Pinterest that Vaseline makes applying nailpolish a breeze. Long live the inventor of vaseline!
Nail clippers - I have never been afraid of cutting my baby's nails, so I use the nail clipper often. I don't put mints at all (never have) on my kids so nail cutting is something we do often around here.
Mamãe e Bebê shampoo & perfume - if you are Brazilian, chances are you have heard of these wonderful Natura products. I got it as a gift when my second baby was born and I fell in love with it. The smell is amazing. I particularly love the perfume because it has no alcohol in it. 
Organic Muslin Swaddling Blankets - great for Houston weather. I saw my mommy friends use it and we were blessed to get a pair as gifts. The Bambino Land brand are large so we'll get a lot of use as baby grows. 
Baby Music - my kids listen to what we listen to mostly but I found out that baby CDs can be very soothing. I usually turn them on in the afternoon when the kids are tired, yet hyper and it calms everyone down. Our favorite thus far is Baby's First Hymns. I also use it as a teaching tool, where I introduce hymns to the toddlers. Another helpful trick: when you get CDs, go ahead and download them to your iTunes library so you can have kid music everywhere you go.
Baby Mirror - I find them very useful. It's comforting to peek and see what the baby is doing while we are traveling from place to place. The only challenge I currently have is with one of my toddlers taking it down constantly which means I leave home early and adjust mirrors constantly.
Glass Baby Bottles - this was a dream come true for me because it took 3 kids for me to get them. God is so good! I was gifted with two 4 oz Life Factory baby bottles and I absolutely love them. They are bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalate and polyvinyl (PVC) free. They are a DREAM to clean and sanitize too. I'm totally hooked. 
iPad - compared to my previous birth experiences, the iPad has helped me out a lot. I remember dragging so much equipment to the hospital (a heavy laptop, two cameras, a webcam, chargers...) and this time around we traveled lighter. I skipped all over the world, took photos, shot videos, browsed the web and watched Netflix. During night feedings I also watch videos in it. I also record my vlogs with my iPad while burping baby girl. 
Question: What are some of your Essential Newborn Products?

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