Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Adventures in Baby Wearing

One day I decided to wear my baby like my African sisters do, so I went to the most obvious place to learn such thing: Youtube. Before you stop laughing, please know that I have learned other useful stuff in the internet. I also had no one around to show me such thing, so I tried it with the help of my husband. Here's what my baby thought: 
 She HATED it! This is her immediately after I gave her to my husband:
She LOVES it! If you have been a long time reader, you know I'm an avid baby wearer. This was my first time trying to wear my baby in my back. I found a way to use the moby on my back and will give it a try next time we go on some long (and cool) excursion. For now, I'll keep practicing because that's the only way she'll learn to like this new position.
QUESTION Do you wear your baby? Does your baby love or hate it?