Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Week in Instagram Photos

Baby bunching is not for the faint of heart! I realized that this week as my son went to preschool for the first time. For 3 years he went to "Cintia's Academy" (aka, our house) but he's been ready to join other kids out there and have even more fun. Here's my attempt to label everything and not to lose any more cups out there. We got these from Mabel's Labels.
Here's my incredibly great looking husband at church. We have a quick choir rehearsal before service, so he's speaking in this photo. 
 We went to the Brazilian Festival Sunday night in Houston. I'm glad we waited to go that late cause it was very hot out there. It was pretty enjoyable.
 This week I said goodbye to my vacuum cleaner. It turns out my house wasn't as clean as I thought, who knows how long this thing was malfunctioning...
 A lady from one of my mommy groups lent me her snap'n go so now we have a stroller for the baby. My youngest child "helps" me to push the stroller. She's really enjoying her new job.
This hasn't been the easiest week for me but I am so glad I'm persevering and getting out there to work out. I like this old t-shirt, specially when I really sweat in the gym. No, no one saw me taking this photo. The folk who come early in the morning are trying to get in and out, they have no time to see me taking photos and posting on Instagram :)
This week I realized that weight doesn't come off without a fight. I fight in the gym, I fight when I use my food journal and I fight when I don't get obsessed with the scale but celebrate non-scale victories. 
I'm off to pick up my young scholar from school. I pray that you have had an amazing week so far. Tell me, what has been the highlight of your week?